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Rua Augusta Arch - Lisbon

It is difficult to decide which places to visit, if you have allocated just 3 days for all of Lisbon sightseeing. Especially difficult if we don't know which we should see and which can be given a miss, not knowing the importance of any of them. So, we just picked a few places of tourist interest based on the logistics. I am glad we did not miss this one, as it had everything we love, beautiful architecture, great open square, sculpture, river and riverfront promenade. Rua Augusta Arch is situated on Praca do Comercio, or Commerce square, in Lisbon. One can see the river Tagus from the arch and the square.
The Rua Augusta arch, the Commerce square form a place of very handsome proportions.  
In the center of the square is the bronze statue of King Jose 1. The archway forms part of a U shaped building, housing govt. buildings for customs and port activities. The two arms of the U shape building end in two towers; the white building as seen in the above photograph. Standing in the arch…

Museu Nacional do Azulejo

We were in Lisbon and started our tour of monuments and museums. There were so may museums, and we had factored in only 3 days in Lisbon, that we had to choose only a few. On this trip, we were not too keen on museums displaying paintings and sculptures only. We decided on the Museu Nacional do Azulejo. They said it is Tiles museum. 
The National tiles museum, as it is also called, is situated in the eastern part of Lisbon. Located in the former Convent of Madre de Deus, it was founded in 1509, by Queen Leonar de Lencastre, wife of King Joao 11. St.Anthony's chapel, Upper choir, and the vestry are part of this structure as a whole.
An Azulejo is a decorative Ceramic glazed tile. Ceramic tiles from the 2nd. half of the 15th. century till date, are displayed. It is a unique museum, in the sense, exquisite hand painted ceramic tiles and murals of distinct designs and patterns are exhibited. 
There are 2 sections to this museum. one section consists of exhibits originally on these walls…

LisBoa Card - Lisbon

I was wondering how and where to start this blog post. While going through my notes and photographs, came across this guide on Lisbon. Voila, this is it. I want to write about this wonderful LisBoa card, which we used thoroughly and were very happy with it.
After reaching the grand international airport of Lisbon, we went straight to the Tourism office / counter inside the airport. The staff was friendly and patient. They spoke multiple languages. A young man explained various products and services they provide. There were various brochures and pamphlets displayed, which were for free. 
We wanted to know if there were any day passes for buses and trains. He showed us this LiBoa Card, which is valid for 3 days, which lets one travel by various modes of transport for free, enter several tourist places for free, and for some we can get discount etc. Since we planned to travel and see as many places as possible, it was the perfect card for us, as we didnot want to keep buying the tickets ev…

Vacation in 2017 - Portugal 3

Three weeks is a long holiday; the expenditure will be enormous. There are expenses for - Stay, Food, Travel inside Portugal, Entrance tickets to museums and castles, Souvenirs, and miscellaneous and unforeseen expenses which may crop up. The plan was to have a good time, have loads of fun, eat good food (translates into tons of ice cream and cheese for Jo, varieties of bread, fruits, and rice for me). We decided to see all the places we wanted to irrespective of the entrance tickets. We had to travel by the available transport. We couldnot economise on transport not could we economise on entrance tickets etc. That left only 'food', where we could economize on. 
It turned out to be a simple decision for us. Jo and I are vegetarian. Though we enjoy eating out now and then, we like home cooked food more; which meant we had to buy buy locally available groceries, vegetables and fruit and prepare our food as much as possible.
I love traveling to see new places, meet new people, and …

Vacation in 2017 - Portugal 2

This is a continuation of the last post on Planning a vacation to Portugal and how it came about.
Here I am going to list the actual steps we took. They are:
Applying for VISA Checking weather conditions onlineArranging the required finances Booking accommodation Making a list of essentials for the trip and procuring them Packing Making arrangements for my plants to be taken care of Closing up the house etc.VISA application:

 Jo is a European national, so luckily for him, he does not need to apply for a VISA to Portugal. I had to go through the entire tiresome process though. It meant looking up on the net all the information available.One plus point for me was that the Portuguese Consulate is in Panjim, a stone's throw from where we live and work.
I needed the following documents to apply:
Flight tickets, to and fro to PortugalBank account statements showing adequate funds to cover the expense for the tripTravel insurance for both of usPhotocopies of accommodation already bookedOnlin…

Vacation in 2017 - PORTUGAL

I know it is a while since I blogged. That is because I was busy with work and busy planning a trip, subsequently traveling. Now that I am back and rested (my weary bones are still complaining!!!!), I felt it is time I put pen to paper or fingers on the keyboard. Here it goes....
It is 4 years since Jo and I traveled anywhere longer than 5 days at a time. It is 4 years since I stepped out of India. That means my dream of seeing the world is still a distant dream. Time to rectify it. One fine day in the beginning of this year, I thought long and hard, and told Jo, that I would like go for a holiday somewhere, preferable together, and if he wants to join me, that would be great or I will have to make some other plans. But, I am interested in traveling this year. 

He thought about it I guess, and came out with this idea of Portugal. I thought 'Portugal?' Why Portugal? He said, 
1. It is a European country 
2. Goa, where we live used to be a Portuguese colony for 400 yrs.
3. He had not…