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Penha De Franca Church, Goa

It was Easter sunday and we were in the mood for some sight seeing. Had been to this magnificent church, Penha De Franca,  in Bardez, Goa, last year. It was under renovation. Just went around the construction site and saw the work in progress. The front of the church faces the Mondovi river, infact it on the river front. One gets a breathtaking view from the river rather than from the land. From the approach road, you can hardly see anything of the church, only when you go round the church and come to the back, that church is seen. The church and the river are an integral part of the scenery. You cannot see any part of the church without seeing the water from some opening! There are two bell towers on either side holding large bells. Could not recognise it as the same church; Turned out so beautiful! According to Jose Lourenco, in his book, The Parish Churches of Goa, The church of Our Lady of Penha De Franca was built by the Fransiscans in 1626. It collapsed and rebuilt in 1655. It is…

Jugati Nature farm, Goa

It was a few weeks since we have stepped out of the city. Both J and I were feeling restless. We decided to head out on a sunday and look at some greenery and water. J wanted to go to the hills. Something about the rise and the fall of the mountains and valleys seem to give him a high!?! He looked up the map of Goa, and decided we are going in the north - east direction. It is surely Valpoi, and he found this name 'Jugati Nature farm', somewhere in it.  Got up at a reasonable hour on a sunday morning, got ready with the caps, walking sticks, breakfast (J's responsibility), fruit, plenty of drinking water and a change of clothes....  It feels so good to get out of the house and on to the country roads, looking at the lazy scenery and enjoying the breeze, sun and the sound of birds!!! We never take the highway. On missing a couple of turns and finding our way, we finally spotted the small board nailed to the tree. The Jugati Nature Farm run by Pilar Fathers is situated in Bhiro…