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The Holy Cross Church at Cavelossim, South Goa

The Holy Cross Church in Cavelossim, in South Goa is situated in a quaint sea side town. During our trip to Carmona, Cavelossim and Agonda, we visited this church. At the intersection of roads, the Church stands on a huge rectangular site in front, which is paved and used for feasts and events. A very pretty Pavilion is situated to the right of the front court yard. 
 Built in 1763 AD, the church has 5 bays and it is 3 stories high. The front facade of the church is beautifully maintained. But the sides and rear are left unattended. There is dry black moss on all the side and back external wall surfaces; infact grass is growing on the horizontal surfaces. 
There are twin bell towers on either side of the main entrance. The one on the right side of the entrance, holds the larger bell. Sitting atop the bell tower are urn shaped finials. 
 Bell tower, seen from the side and from rear It is a large church and exquisite on the inside, with beautiful wooden pews and antique chandeliers hanging …

March 8, International women's day

March 8th. is celebrated every year is International Women day. I remember, one year, my dad gifted all of us women in the house with Handkerchiefs! I loved it so much, saved it for years.  Every year, it is publicized, written about, and we all make it a point to wish each other. With social media, it has become much easier to forward the many photos and posts. 
For me, it is a day to celebrate how far we have come, from the caveman days, and to remind each other how far to go yet.     Since purple is the colour for women's day, badges were made for all. Some of us ladies at our complex have decided to hold party on our terrace, just a couple of days prior to 8th.. It was amazing how easily and seamlessly the whole event was planned. Trust women to organise and carry off with zero defect! Certain conditions were set down. The party was for women only. for one evening between 7 and 9, no entertaining children, husbands, relatives! Women wanted time for themselves, just to meet others…