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Trip to Divar Island, Goa

In the book The Artist's way, Julia Cameron asks the readers to do the task of writing down what constitutes an Ideal Ideal day in their lives, without any restrictions, whatever the heart desires, ideal environment, relationships, job, etc. Hubby and I went on a day long trip to Divar Island last Sunday. I was happy; I was satiated; I was proud of myself; I was replete with joy!!! It struck me that it was the ideal ideal day for me. first time ever everything happened exactly how I would have liked and desired! Thank you Julia, I know now experimentally what you mean by ideal ideal day. I no longer have to imagine or plan for it.  Divar is an Island in the Mondovi river near old Goa. In fact the tops of the old Goa churches can be seen from Divar. It has a quaint old world charm. It felt as if time stood still. If Goa is laid back, Divar is tranquil and leisurely. There is well populated, with proper residential buildings, beautiful churches, temples, school, and civic buildings...�…

Mhamai Kamat Residence in Panjim, Goa

Mhamay Kamat Residence is right in the centre of Panjim City. Behind Old Secretariat, across from Abbey Faria statue and the building next to Clube Nationale, is the 400 year old Double storied  in white and yellow ochre is the ancestral home the Mhamay Kamat family.  If you are a passerby, you cannot make out that it is a residential building, as there are a couple of garment and textile shops on the left end of the building and an office on the first floor. The windows are shut and I havenot seen the main door being open.   
It is a well maintained traditional looking Goan building. On this day of Anant Chaturdashi, 11th. day after Ganesh chaturthy, the building comes to life with lights, garlands and mango leaves adorning the front door. The doors are thrown open to the public on this day. 
A corridor runs along the front wall around a large courtyard. This is easily the widest corridor I have seen in a residential building. It circles the central courtyard. There are rooms and hall…

Gangotri Dham yatra